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Meraki Masters

Can we have an answer from Meraki staff on the conditions necessary to get one of the coveted Meraki Masters invitations?  Is there a hard minimum in sales, number of MSP customers, devices deployed?  I completed the CMNO and CMNA within 6 weeks of each other and am hopeful to move to the next level.  


Its also worth mentioning again if there are any new users to the community that customers can only attend the CMNO training, CMNA or Masters is not avialable for customers/ end users. 


There are a bunch of us customers / end users who are pushing for more advanced training options. I have passed my views on this onto my account manager and the marketing team as well.
Building a reputation

The main intent of the Masters is (from my experience) is for pre-sales people.

Be able to produce coherent and relevant demos and sales pitches (not my strong point.)


Ensure that sales and design teams are selling workable Meraki solutions and designs to customers.

Be a company representative that is aware of new and upcoming Meraki features and products.

Lets say that I can't say too much about the coherent design business but most design teams try to treat Meraki (and other cloud based solutions) in the same manner as regular Wi-Fi solutions (controllers located in a DC) and that route leads to some big and very avoidable issues.


I did ask if there could be another purely technical qualification created and the suggestion was noted and I hope that something turns up.

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