Meraki Devices at home (not through job) - License renewal

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Meraki Devices at home (not through job) - License renewal

Looking for help on best options for obtaining new licenses for 2 MR33, 1 MX64 and 1 MS220-8P.  All help is appreciated.

Kind of a big deal

Self promo, but I sell them for a good price here:



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Kind of a big deal

Any partner can help you get licenses or Meraki direct can.


@BrandonS be careful with posts like this as it could violate community guidelines.

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Go do the CMNA course 😉

Building a reputation

@Priesty: Yep. That's a good one.


It the equipment was aquired through the CMNA or similar, the renewal course is also a way of getting a couple of Years of license..


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@SC  in your dashboard if you go to the Help menu and select "Get Help" at the bottom of that page will be your Meraki account manager who will be able to direct you to a local reseller. 

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