Is there a pilot on board of your plane ?

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Is there a pilot on board of your plane ?

Hello Melissa , Dear Meraki,


I spent hours explaining bugs , issues , and concerns to the support without any success , I did talk hours to meraki support Team over the phone , same , they are nice talking to but basically I have same level of support talking to my 80 y.o. grand ma . They hear me “loud and clear” as they say, but nothing !


2 weeks ago, I decided to see if there is more chances with community forum.


Unfortunately it’s same results :

Nothing have been address , bugs are stills here, no answers at all and I feel that nobody seems to care at Meraki !

Other members seems also having same felling and same bugs / concerns .


I start having a very very bad frustration and can tell you that I have never been feeling that with Cisco or others . Being in production with this level of support is difficult for us !


What to do ? Do you have a contact ? 

Where are Product Managers / Owners ?

Where are support members on the forum ?


The situation can’t stay like this !


Many Thanks !


Best Regards 



Meraki please help !Meraki please help !






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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@aws_architect I understand that you have frustrations. Your best option is to talk to support as you have as well as your account manager at Meraki.


The forums are an awesome place for technical support however the support you are given is not what I would call official support, yes there are Meraki staff hovering around but they are not required to respond here.


I would go back to support, ask to have your case escalated and leave the case open until its resolved. 


Are you able to give a quick run down of the bugs you are facing?

- Most have been posted here .


- Escalation doesn’t work. ( case on investigation since May !!!)


- Account manager also aware .


- Forums is still awesome place for Manager to “ take the temperature “ about bugs , feature request , customer voice ...


- Support don’t have to answer here yes but still , it’s cannot be free ride and they have to be still present !


As conclusion :


Nothing works ! That is why deseperatly, I am asking here who to contact ! Question is quite simple . 


I appreciate your time to answer , But I would like meraki representatives to answer .


Thank you my friend 



Sorry to hear about your frustration. You did not answer Blake's question about what bug(s) you are facing but reiterated frustrations. If this happens to be a known or newly-identified bug, then you are right that escalation may have no effect if it's pending an Engineering code fix. Depending on the nature of the fix, if complex, it could take weeks or months as you mentioned you opened a case in May.

Just to clarify, yes there are Cisco Meraki representatives here in the Community, and there is no requirement to answer, but there is also no requirement to even be present. Meraki Support is the formal channel, so if Cisco Meraki employees participate in Community discussions, that is not tracked and unofficial.

The Meraki Community is more peer-to-peer for Meraki customers and partners to assist one another, and participation by Cisco Meraki employees is on a volunteer basis, because we also want to help and contribute. In that spirit, although I am not in Support myself, if you PM me with your case number and the current situation (details of the bug, business impact, account team and/or partner you've been working with, etc) I'll look into it for you and see if I can get a fresh status update.

Hello @MerakiDave


All bugs have been posted including the support numbers, you just have to click on my Profile .


Regarding the forum , if make a wish does not work , if the support is not helping because they are just here to do level 1 and that never get higher and  if the « unofficial » Community is not a way of support , then please tell me what is the proper way to get support on your meraki  product ? 


I have bugs from 22 May , that are under « investigation » by the « engineering team » it is a major critical bug that made the entire MDM unusable. We had to create a new one and re-enroll all computers !


Do you think that I am spending all this hours doing this for pleasure ?


Frankly speaking, I love the concept of Meraki , hardware is great  ..... but too many bugs , missing features (IPv6, IKEv2, no sentry on MX or Z..), support is here to ask you to do the debug yourself ( very very basic level 1 support ) and I don’t fell that you care much about your most valuable asset : THE CUSTOMERS , YOUR CUSTOMERS , the reason of Meraki existing ! 


So , I think it’s time to stop blowing a lot of hot air and just to resolve bugs , develop the feature that customers really need, have a real support (note a support that send you to the doc or ask you what is sentry ) and finaly walk all together to the success !


Meraki for a successful buisness and your customers for having great products that suit their needs ! Happy ending !


Thank you


Thanks @aws_architect I looked over some of the items you previously posted, and I believe I found the one that goes back to May.  You can PM me your case number if you wish and I'll confirm it's the right one.


To your other question, "make a wish" does work, please refer to my other posts here in Meraki Community for more info on what actually happens to wishes behind the scenes, since it is a 1-way process with no feedback, but wishes for new features and capabilities do matter, so keep them coming.  However, wishes are not effective for bug fixes.  Meraki Community is certainly an excellent method of support, but unofficial.  The proper way to get support on Meraki products is to work directly with Support, since this is logged and tracked, able to be escalated, etc.


And while Meraki Network Support Engineers are cross-trained in general on all products, it's an open and collaborative work environment and everyone has their specialties or favorite products & features.  So if you feel that an NSE is providing only the basic level 1 support you mentioned, then you certainly have the option of working with another NSE, perhaps someone more experienced in your particular product or issue or bug.   You can also ask to have your case reassigned, or you can simply call in an get the next available NSE on a live call.  You can also document your expectations, frustrations, etc right in the emails which go directly into the case notes.  If you still cannot get the help you need, involve your local Meraki Sales team (like a Meraki SE) to discuss and they can get the technical details, business impact, get all the background and arrange for escalation if needed. 


No, I don't think you are spending hours working with Support for your pleasure (certainly not!) and apologize on behalf of Meraki that a bug fix is taking so long.  I understand how frustrating it can be when you're told a bug fix is Engineering-pending but with no timeline, because I used to be a customer like you.  It's annoying to check in on a weekly or monthly basis only to be told there is no update, and that can give the impression a vendor doesn't care or that your bug isn't important enough. 


I assure you customer satisfaction is priority ONE as you would expect.  But the timeline of a bug fix is a complicated matter and not a useful indicator of Meraki's commitment to CSAT.  Meraki Support should have visibility into the tracking and status of the Bug-IDs and might be able to provide updates.  If not, and months have gone by like in this case, work with your Meraki team to give them the background I described above and arrange an escalation call to review status, impact, possible workarounds, etc.


I hope that helps and doesn't count as blowing hot air, and that you get an escalation call and bug fix sooner and not later!


@MerakiDave here the list of case with forum post. None of the support case open have been solve. "We are wainting from the development team" is what I get as status.


3161846Sep 16, 2018 20:32Impossible to add SM Agent on MacOs APPSupport Action PendingSeshu K
3142447Sep 10, 2018 0:32Duplicated MDM Client when enrolling WindowsSupport Action PendingHasal
3142430Sep 10, 2018 0:01Windows Device enrollmentSupport Action PendingSeshu K
3101580Aug 31, 2018 16:00(auto_tag:"auto:pc")Support Action PendingTaha B
2905804Aug 17, 2018 16:52Sentry Certificate Deployment for 802.1X with Meraki RADIUSSupport Action PendingGene Y
2903474Aug 16, 2018 20:55Config sync doesn't workSupport Action PendingShreyas G
2892034August 13, 2018 17:53Incorrect User DisplaySupport Action PendingJoseph H 
2676357May 22, 2018 3:19Certificates questionSupport Action PendingSri P
2669117May 18, 2018 15:38802.1X EAP failure radioSupport Action PendingSaheed A 

Thanks for the list, I saw your PM on this as well, and will follow up there when I've had a chance to review. 

Building a reputation

I completely understand your frustration and I share your pain. I have been 1 year struggling with a support ticket and in the end we will need to remove the few devices we had in production (more than 60 people actually) and come back to ASA and catalyst. 


We already purchased many switches (250, 425, and the MX600 in production...) and we couldn't install most of them because we got issues in all of our tunnels towards ASA, after involving Cisco ASA engineers and multiple Meraki engineers we couldn't solve it. 


The ticket has passed through 8-10 different engineers, repeating the same over and over, talking to managers who seemed to understand my frustration but the situation always ended up on the same point, they assign a "specific" engineer, then we do the same tests, and we run again out of ideas. 


I understand the solution is working for many other people, or I want to believe so, but from my experience, some features are just not ready to interact with 3rd parties, even if this 3rd party is Cisco. 


KPI or SLA doesn't seem to exist in Meraki Support (having a ticket opened for 1 year and no further escalation or managers aware asking for it??).






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