Hardware Replacement Cycle

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Hardware Replacement Cycle

Just wondering how everyone deal with switch replacement cycles.


My aim is to replace hardware every 4-5 years depending a few things however equipment that is due to be replaced (MS225-24P) is still a current model so would you replace equipment with exactly the same model ( There is no requirement for a higher model) just for the sake of replacing it or just extend it use until a replacement model is released?


I understand that the longer equipment is used the more likely it is to fail however I have spares so that isn't of great concern 

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I am just sharing my thoughts on this discussion. Switch replacement can be for following reasons.


1. Switch is showing stack overflows, CPU or Memory hikes, dropping packets

2. EoL is announced and EoS is expected shortly

3. Switch port and backplace capacities are not meeting the growing application needs


Need not to worry using the same model switch for longer if you are not under any of the above situations.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I generally 'prepare' the business for replacement in 3 years but look to hold out equipment for 5.

That way there will be budget available when 5 years comes around.


In my experience, AP's almost always need replacing at 5 years.

But I agree regarding switches - swapping them out for the sake of it isn't really necessary. If they're not EOL/EOS, have more life in them and there's no requirement to replace, I tend to push them a bit further. 

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I would not exchange the MS225-24P with the same model. Instead you or your customer might discuss upcoming changes or needs so you might end up with a different model (48P model or a L3 one etc.)


I terms of Wifi: Yes, there are some changes, but I think that WiFi 6 is enough for today and the next year's. But, it might be an idea to exchange the APs in order to be more flexible (Cisco Classic / Meraki ones share the same chassis)


Nevertheless, let's see what kind of major changes will follow, so it might be an idea to exchange it due to a breaking change.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

We have adopted an end of support refresh lifecycle for networking equipment for some time now.  With Cisco and Meraki routers, switches and APs, we have only had 2-3 fail during lifetime.  Those were two ISRs (design fault) and an old Catalyst 2950 where the integrated PSU failed, but it still worked on the RPS.


We do move them though, so you won't find an MR32 in a busy public area, but might do in a fire exit corridor.


In my experience,


  • If they're not EOL/EOS, or
  • If there is no requirement for a higher model, or
  • If there is no degradation in the existing switch,
..there seem to be no need of replacing with the same model. I'd recommend to wait until a newer model is announced to gauge the benefits of replacement.
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Good to know my thoughts match what has been said. Yes this discussion was only about switches. AP's are on a strict 4 year replacement cycle. 

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