Chrome Closing

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Chrome Closing

I don't know what the developers are doing over at Google - but I am getting sick of the recent instabilities in Chrome.


I'm currently running Chrome 76.0.3809.100 on Windows 10 (latest version).  If I try to open or today the entire browser closes.

It's been doing this off and on for the last three months or so on different web sites.


It affects everyone in our office.  Very annoying.  I wish they would hurry up and fix the bugs.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Chrome on MacOS works fine just FYI. As long as Chrome is allowing you to access the Meraki community we are happy! We can't have you missing out on your 24th MOTM, we will be celebrating 2 Years!!!!!!

Getting noticed

My latest issues with Chrome were mainly because of bad extensions. Usually when I deactivate all of them and then reactivate one by one I get the "culprit".
After that Chrome usually is very stable. I have no problems with exactly the same Chrome version and Windows 10 (build 18362.239).
Kind of a big deal

I find that the combination of Chrome / Win 10 Pro / BitDefender to be the Typhoid Mary of workstation computing. A pox on all of them.


It is almost as if Chrome is nudging its users into switching to Edge. Fortunately, Firefox still works.


Because I mostly test using non-bleeding edge tech workstations I notice that a handful of applications are consuming more and more cycles yet for all the updates, there is little or no increase in usable functional productivity.


I have noticed this sort of behaviour previously, usual shortly before a big-step upgrade.

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Kind of a big deal

@PhilipDAth I have it where anytime I use MDM remote connection to a client I can connect but not do anything for years now but when I go to Firefox works great. #chromebugs


The other issue with Chrome is its designed for consumers, it doesn't play well with captive portals. Google already has enough of my information so I prefer Safari and Firefox as my secondary. 

@PhilipDAth did you get a resolution to this?



I tracked it down to Antivirus.  We use Trend.


We found the only way to resolve it was to uninstall Trend and then immediately re-install it.,



Of interesting was disabling and unloading Trend still caused Chrome to crash.

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