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Cage Nuts

I really like the quality and design of Meraki's cage nuts and thumbsrews. Where can I buy more?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Buy more Meraki kit?

No seriously, you really need to say where you are in the world to stand a chance of getting that answer.


Personally, I prefer rack studs.  They don't require any tools.  And because they have a "stud" you can just slide your kit onto them and then bolt them in.  It means one person can be used for doing most installations.

USA, those rack studs look cool

They are excellent.


I bet if I was racking almost any piece of Meraki kit I could do it in half the time of someone using cage nuts, and I wouldn't have any bleeding hands or fingers when finished.



Let me do one call out to Meraki though - Why of why do the MX84 and MX100 only have a single rack mount fitting each side instead of two, like everything else.  You need two each side if you want things locked nicely into the rack.  Please put two rack mounting holes into future models please.

i suppose you could machine them out yourself(warranty void obviously....). Maybe weight doesn't require it?

From my experience mounting the MX84's and MX100's - they don't fit in as nicely as the rest of the Meraki kit which has dual mounts either side.


And lets face it - what is the cost to Meraki to put in two extra holes - like the rest of their rack mount products?  Probably zero.

Yes Rackstuds!!!! These are the only fixture allowed in my department, no more sore fingers and trying to balance expensive equipment while you get it mounted. 


Some good kiwi design right here!!!



Cage nuts - trail mix sorts it out for me.
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You need one of these. No, really... changed my life

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