Meraki Sales Chat Bots

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Meraki Sales Chat Bots

I am playing with two chat bots at the moment, and I am interested in the communities feedback. The chat bots will be used as the landing page for advertising (AdWords, LinkedIn, etc).

Their aim is to increase the conversion rate. They will be used for English speakers in the Asia Pacific
region. The idea is that rather than presenting potential customers with a web page full of information
about something they might know little about - and have them skip to something else 7 seconds later I try to
engage them and within a question for two direct them to just what they need to know.


I have put no effort into the "look or feel" of the bots. The winner will get a make over.


Currently I have implemented the same function in both chat bots - recommended a webinar to the person based on
their interest. The successful chat box will be greatly extended - to the point of trying to convert
the customer.


Could you please kudo whatever you think is the better chat bot.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The first chat bot I have written using Amazon Lex, which is an AI based natural language processor. I have partially let it learn some of the Meraki products from the Meraki web site. As a result, it already understands the relationships between lots of terms and product families. It will continue to learn and improve as it is used.


Lex is also fully extendable with an API. I am using the API to find out about webinars that might suit. The next step would be to extend this so that rather than sending the person to the webinar booking site to have the bot book them in directly. Amazon Lex is also the cheapest solution, costing about 45 cents per thousand texts.


You can see this chat bot here:

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The next chat bot is using Landbot. Landbot is a simple menu driven system. No AI. No APIs that are usefull.
But it is very easy and fast to setup. The nice thing about Landbot is it effectively guides the customers questions.

Very clear and fast!

My preferente is the Landbot system.

With the other more “trial and error” chosing the right question.



Landbot FTW! I am having trouble convincing lex to understand me at all. Granted, I didn't try THAT hard, but, well, see screenshot:





Caroline S | Community Manager, Cisco Meraki
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@CarolineS you need to use "natural language" like you were talking to another person.  For example "I would like to learn about security cameras".


However, the overwhelming feedback from everyone I have asked is go the LandBot way - so thank you everyone for helping me with UI testing.



Next step, conquer the world.

Well now we know who to blame Skynet on.

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Getting noticed

Landbot, by a ton. way more personable. 

Here to help

Landbot takes too long to answer but is "better."


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The timing is a configurable parameter.  🙂

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