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CMNA Hardware Refresh

Hi all,

I've been running my CMNA lab since Oct 2014 and it's been running smoothly, allowing me to learn new features and demonstrate them to customers. I've noted that the new MX15 code will not run on my original MX60 and this will be a major limitation to my lab. Is there a way to get a hardware refresh? Can I just re-sit CMNA and get all new hardware, or is there a different process? I'd just get NFR, but this is my personal lab and that makes things complicated.


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I don't know the answer, but I believe CNMA has now been replaced by ECMS1. 


It doesn't mention anything about free kit anymore on that page.

Thanks. Not a big surprise if that's being withdrawn, it was a very generous offer. ECMS2 looks interesting, I'll have to see if I can get on one if they run outside of US timezones.

Sorry all, I forgot to update. I resat the CMNA through the Meraki partner portal and was sent a new polo shirt. Unfortunately the MX, MS and MR are now an MX67W so a little more constrained in features that can be tested. I did learn about some new features (Using Meraki RADIUS with EAP-TLS on Macs and mobiles). It also came with Meraki Insights so that you can have a play with that. Software licences should now auto-renew, no webinar required.


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Great to learn new stuff 🙂


Does anybody know how we old CMNA's can get our hands on the Meraki Insigths license as well ?


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I think CMNA is still available (I did it last year). As long as you refresh it every 3 years (virtual class), your license/support is extended.

If this is valid

once you first refresh your CMNA your license will automatically extend.


There is no note for equipmnet replacement, but I suspect EoL equipment will be replaced with newer models when it fails, through an RMA.

As far as I understand, it's the CMNO that's been replaced by the ECMS1. According to the FAQ, ECMS1 doesn't give any gear.

The CMNA is still there, and this will qualify for a full stack, with a one-time three year renewal.


Now whether or not it's possible to get a new kit, by resitting the course, no idea. Best guess is to contact your local Meraki SE, and see what she/he says.

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@rbnielsen Yep the CMNA is still going strong .. 

But .. I have heard strong rumours about a "refresh-course" that yields license renewals for the stack when completed ? 

That would sure be elegant ! 

After CMNA you get a three year license, with the opportunity to get a renewal for another three years, by attending an online training session/webinar.

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That is correct




ECMS2 is new


CMNA still continues - this comes with the trial gear and this is extended via on a virtual recertification



Can you provide a link to the online training session/webinar?  I am having the same issue here.

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