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Course Information


Where is the ECMS1 training held?

ECMS1 sessions are virtual and only require a computer with an internet connection. Courses are led by technical Instructors in multiple time zones and languages.


How long is an ECMS1 session?

Each ECMS1 session is ~7 hours in length and includes ~4 hours of guided lab time.


What is the difference between ECMS1 and ECMS2?

ECMS1 and ECMS2 are part of the ECMS technical training track. ECMS1 is an introductory-level course that focuses on the core knowledge and skills to operate the Cisco Meraki platform. ECMS2 is an advanced-level course focusing on the knowledge and skills to plan, design, implement, and operate complex Cisco Meraki solutions.


I previously took the CMNO course, can I also take ECMS1?

As the CMNO course content and ECMS1 course content are the same, we don’t recommend individuals who have already passed the CMNO course to take ECMS1. Individuals who have already taken CMNO have a head start in preparing for the Meraki certification!


Those looking for additional technical training should consider ECMS2.


I can't attend for the full day—can I complete the lab exercises later?

No, the lab period is limited to the time allotted for the course. Though time varies depending on technical skill level and familiarity with Meraki products, we suggest scheduling to take the course a different day if you feel you cannot devote 7 hours to the full course.


Do I have to take ECMS1 before attending ECMS2?

Attending ECMS1 is not a requirement to attend ECMS2. However, in order to successfully participate in an ECMS2 session, attendees should have ECMS1 equivalent Meraki knowledge and experience.



Eligibility and Registration


What are the eligibility requirements to attend?

ECMS1 sessions are open to all audiences interested in learning to operator the Cisco Meraki platform, or who are interested in preparing for the Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist certification.


As the course is technical, individuals should have CCNA or equivalent technical knowledge.


How do I register for an ECMS1 Course?

ECMS1 is offered by Cisco Learning Partners. To register for an ECMS1 course, go to the Cisco Locator site and select the "Enroll" button for the class in the time zone and language you'd like to attend.


I don't see any available ECMS1 sessions in my region on the Cisco Locator site - how do I register for a session?

Learning Partners add ECMS1 sessions to the schedule on a rolling basis. We recommend you wait a week, and then check back on the Cisco Locator site to see if new sessions have been added. 



Certification + Gear


Will I get a certification for attending ECMS1?

Both ECMS1 and ECMS2 courses do not come with a certification as they are meant to prepare individuals to pass the Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist certification


When will the Meraki certification be available?

The Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist certification is available now. You can find more information about the certification here.


Do I get gear for attending an ECMS1 session?

No, attendees do not receive gear for attending an ECMS1 session.


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