CLUS 2019

Kind of a big deal

CLUS 2019

Woohoo! Travel is approved, learning credits secured, and registration has been submitted!


Who else is going this year?

Head in the Cloud

Just watching from this side of the pond!
Kind of a big deal

Same here unfortunately.

A model citizen

I am. Is there another Meraki party?

I'm going as well again. I'm hoping there is another party this year. I really enjoyed Epcot last year. Also, my Meraki T-Shirt was one of my favorites for the year.

Here to help

I'll be there and will absolutely have my Meraki shirt along!

The session scheduler opened yesterday so if you're going get your sessions booked!


I see there's a Meraki API session with @TonyC and @DexterLaBora. Definitely looking forward to that one! 

Community Manager

Ya'll! We'll have a more official post here in the community about CLUS within the next couple of days, but, I wanted to make sure you saw our Meraki At Cisco Live site:


Specifically — registration for the Meraki party, Cheers! With Meraki, is open! It's first-come-first-served, so RSVP now!

Caroline S | Community Manager, Cisco Meraki
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