APC products not accessible through HTTP / Telnet when moved to Meraki

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APC products not accessible through HTTP / Telnet when moved to Meraki

Has anyone ever encountered a problem accessing the APC UPS/PDU web interface after having moved the devices from a Cisco Catalyst environment onto Meraki? The IP addresses of the APC's were changed when moved to Meraki and the devices respond to PING requests but management capabilities are unavailable except for console access. Also, when I place the APC's back on the Catalyst switches with their old addresses they are once again accessible.


I'm thinking maybe APC firmware upgrade is in order but just thought I'd ask to see what kind of feedback i receive.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Have you configured an IP address restriction in the APC interface?


I would be tempted to factory reset the APC management card and set it up again from scratch using the new IP addressing.  And yes, a firmware update wouldn't hurt.

No restrictions set on the APC interface. I have some sites where the APC's function properly after being moved to Meraki and some that don't. I'll identify current firmware and upgrade it to latest version and let everyone know what happens. 

It might sound too obvious, but your default gateway is good/correct to route back and forth to wherever you are trying  to access it from? 

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@RobakaWoody you mentioned IP's have changed, this this because the network topology has changed? I suspect as mentioned your APC cards have IP filtering enabled for web access. If you can ping them its not an incorrect gateway otherwise you wouldn't get a response. 


We use a bunch of these cards and haven't had any issues after we installed Meraki MS units, I would say something with your config change on the card hasn't gone to plan. 


Use your console cable to login to the cards and confirm their settings, if they look right but are still not working as Phil mentioned I would factory reset them

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