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m_agent Events access

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Can anyone confirm if m_agent on MacOS requires any System Extension permissions to be added. We're seeing the below popup when pushing a notification to devices that have m_agent privacy permissions already configured for accessibility, full disk access and screen record.

Screenshot 2022-06-22 at 17.21.05.png

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macOS devices should get a profile (automatically) called "Meraki Agent Settings for {network_name}". This profile contains all the appropriate Privacy Preferences Policy Control (PPPC) settings for the SM agent to function. First check and see if this profile is installed or not, you should see it installed locally in the Systems Preferences app on macOS, or in the Profile List in Dashboard. If this profile is installed fine but not enabling these permissions, please open a support case and share the example device + SM agent version. Also, if there's a specific action (such as send notification) causing this prompt, please share it in the support case for further review. Thank you! 

We're seeing a similar issue onboarding Sophos onto the end user's machine our process if manual.
1. Enroll via enrollment string

2. Wait for PPPC to be pushed to the machine
3. Install Sophos

Once we install Sophos we still get a message like the above for a system extension that's made for Network Filtering even though we've added it to System Extension config in profiles   

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