iOS update delaying settings problem

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iOS update delaying settings problem

I set the iOS update delay date to 90.
This setting allowed to see 'Delayed Software Update enforced' and 'Delay period of Delayed Software Updates is 90 days' in the profile of iPad.
I changed this date to the 30 days, but the profile on iPad only shows 'Delayed Software Update enforced' and does not show 'Delay period of Delayed Software Updates is 30 days'.

To check the problem, all dates other than 30 days were changed to 'Delay period of Delayed Software Updates is 1/15/60/90 days'.
'Delay period of Delayed Software Updates is 30 days' is not displayed only in the setting of 30 days.

The delay setting of 30 days or less should enable iOS update, but the setting of 30 days indicates that the administrator has limited settings when attempting to update the user's manual iOS update.

The normal iOS update screen is output when it is set to 15days or less days.
This seems to be an issue when the date is set to 30 days.


I opened the case to find out the cause of this problem, and it has been 2 weeks.

I submitted a request to send a screenshot of the problem and sent it to the my dashboard URL, but I haven't received any solution yet.

I tested using Jamf School, which is an MDM from other vendors, but I confirmed that it works exactly as I set it up.


Have other community users experienced this problem?



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