iOS 16/iPad OS 16 already known issues

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iOS 16/iPad OS 16 already known issues

Hi all,


today I ran (it seems to be) into an iOS 16 issue with User Enrollment.

Has anyone already successfully tried to enroll a fresh phone with iOS 16 via User Enrollment?


I receive only the message "Profile installation failed"


I tried to catch the issue in the console but can't find any valuable response

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

It might pay to confirm with support that SM supports iOS 16 I wouldn't just assume they do. 

There was an announcement 🙂


I found an article from Microsoft Intune where a similar error is reported. It seems Apple didn't patched it in the final release.

Microsoft talks about an issue with updating "user enrolled" devices, but it seems also to affect new enrollments.

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