Wish - Allow kernel extensions in macOS High Sierra

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Wish - Allow kernel extensions in macOS High Sierra

Hi All,

Since the High Sierra update on Mac OS, I am unable to install apps from Meraki Systems manager that require kernel extensions. While the app will install via Meraki System Manager it will not enable it with out a user manually going into System Preferences then Privacy and security and allowing the App. Other MDM's do support this however Meraki does not and I feel like if they don't create this this feature more and more people are going to have this problem.


Referring to the apple documentation https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208019 they provide a way for MDM's to handle this.


Some examples of apps that get stuck with this issue are:


The only work around currently I can see is https://community.meraki.com/t5/Endpoint-Management-Systems/whitelisting-kernel-extensions-via-team-... , which honestly is a fair bit of extra work.


Meraki please enable this feature as it defeats the purpose of having a MDM for a app installation perspective.



PS Meraki community please give Kudos to this post as it will help justify the update with the Meraki Engineers.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

+1 for this!

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@Phil Check out this thread: https://community.meraki.com/t5/Endpoint-Management-Systems/whitelisting-kernel-extensions-via-team-...



You can use the Profile Manager section of macOS Server to create a kernel extension approval payload and upload to Meraki, that's what I'm doing in my environment until Meraki provides one.

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oops! sorry looks like you already found it 🙂

Update from Meraki Support Team.


I have confirmed that your issue has been added as an official feature request in Meraki internal system.
This means our Engineer team is working on this feature right now. 

Also, this feature should be introduced in the future. However, I can't guarantee when this feature will be launched. It‘s out of my scope, but I believe it shouldn't take a long time.



Fingers crossed this gets pushed put pretty quickly.

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