Web Clip to Specific Home Page

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Web Clip to Specific Home Page

I have a web clip that I want to assign to a specific position on a home page on my student iPads.  I cannot figure out how to get the web clip into a home page.

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I don't know if you can specify the position on screen. https://documentation.meraki.com/SM/Profiles_and_Settings/Web_Clips_in_Systems_Manager

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@mitchp  That isn't possible sorry. It would be a nice feature as we use web-clips in some areas of our business and not being able to organise them bothers he haha.

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The only way to do this is Home Page layout. It not only allows you to manage folders and apps, but also web clips!


Needs a supervised device, however:


Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 11.20.32 AM.png

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