VPP Location Based Tokens

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Meraki Alumni (Retired)

VPP Location Based Tokens

Hi everyone!


Support for VPP Location Based Tokens is live! 



What's different?

VPP accounts are managed in Organization>MDM. Now, in addition to collecting and storing this information in our database, users can also view their location information in an updated UI. 


Here's what the new UI looks like - complete with a flex table for sorting, bulk operations (delete, for now),  and row coloration.



Clicking on a row allows you to edit the account as seen below. Location informations shows up in both the list and details views for each account:





Also - when creating a new account, the modal above will warn users about malformed or erroneous data as they enter it. If a token is uploaded that is already in use or is currently expired, the user will be notified before saving the page. 


This streamlines the process for adding multiple accounts at once!


For more information on VPP and location based tokens, visit Apple's reference site - https://developer.apple.com/library/content/documentation/Miscellaneous/Reference/MobileDeviceManage...

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@Melissa what is the email used for? Before the launch of Location based tokens, it was needed because the token has been bound to the account.


I'm asking because in ABM I am able to download the location tokens for every location. But I can't upload these to Meraki when using an email which is already used for another location and it doesn't matter what mail I enter, Meraki accepts everything, it just has to be a valid email format.

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