Suppressing the App Store ID and Password Popup


Suppressing the App Store ID and Password Popup

All my ipads are prepared and supervised using apple configurator.  My Meraki is linked to my VPP and working.  All my iPads have the Meraki Profile installed.  On my iPads, under settings > Itune & Apps Store, I have automatics downloads enabled for Apps and Updates.


I've logged into all my iPad's using an App store account, for some reason some apps pushed through Meraki seem to require this.


I don't have a problem with any of the above (although  I don't understand why I need to be logged in with an App store account.  I thought Meraki Manages all of that.  What I want to do is suppress the app store account username and password pop up at all.  Students and teachers don't need to see this, moreover, this is annoying for both teachers and students.


Is there anyway to achieve this ? 

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1. Enrol in DEP to push apps without Apple ID on devices.

2. Notifications settings below work quite well for our room control iPads. You may want to suppress notifications for particular apps you are using.

2019-06-22 23_06_21-Window.png


The screen shot you displayed is that from Meraki ?  also my ipads had a DEP profile installed, and I uninstalled it as it wouldn't let me install a meraki profile on it.


If the notification setting which you display are on meraki, and I turn it off for all the ups, I'm guessing that will surpress the apple ID popup just as well without having to re-enroll them in DEP ?

found the notifications, would still like to know what you think of the rest of my post

Ok, so Meraki wasn't setup on school manager.  I've now added that, I've also manually assigned 1 iPad to Meraki (on school manager).  when I look on school manager > Apps and Books, I see all the apps, I get the option to transfer to my Network.  but where do I configure the App to install on the iPad without the iPad getting a pop up for apps store ID and password.

The deviced do not need to to logged into an Apple account.  They just need to be DEP enrolled in the Meraki MDM.


Perhaps check out the Apple DEP enrollment guide.


Also check out this guide about configuring Apple School Manager with Meraki MDM.

@Meraki4Schools  are you allowing the users to access the App store from the device and install apps? If you want to administer the apps via Merkai and not allow users to install apps I would disable users access to install apps and access the app store. This should make the notification that you are seeing go away and the apps will silently install. 

@Meraki4Schools I am setting up some iPads for a client right now and I was testing a few things out when I received the same popup that you are referring to.


This is the popup I believe.



Do the following to get rid of this popup. *Note iPads must be DEP enrolled (Supervised)


  1. Open the SM (Meraki MDM) app.
  2. Allow Notifications.
  3. Enable location services.
  4. Select "Don't Allow" and then "Enable Always", in apple settings change Location to "Always".
  5. Open the SM app and verify that all Status are showing green checks.

I verified that the popup no longer occurs by removing the enterprise apps and reinstalling them via the Meraki Dashboard. The sign in the apple ID popup no longer occurs.


I hope this helps.




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@Meraki4Schools Two things I would definitely do would be to set all of your App Pushes to be device based and then hide the App Store via restrictions on the iPad. 


Are you using the paid or legacy version of Meraki MDM as well as that will determine what you can and cannot do?

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My issue relates to this one. I only deploy apps through supervision DEP/VPP. However some apps, especially ones that come via Apple will prompt for an Apple ID account. NONE of our 1:1 have apple id usage. They have migrated from a deployment that did. Garageband, Clips, iMovie all experience this. Recently, I've received messages for Google Slides as well. It wants to update the app through the app store and I've tried updating it through Meraki, but it doesn't seem to satisfy the request. Suggestions?



Kind of a big deal



Even though they are free apps, I would make sure to get VPP licenses for all these apps. I have found that this usually fixes any issues of asking for Apple IDs to download the app.

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@dmarmac I believe I figured it out. See my post above.

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I tried many solutions online , but finally solved it by signing in to your iPhone using the same apple ID which is in the pop-up.

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