SME not working across entire organization

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SME not working across entire organization

For the past 1-2 weeks, SME has not been working correctly across our entire organization. This includes multiple networks in geographical locations, different ISP uplinks, etc. Changelog confirms no major changes were made. Support says port 993 is being blocked, which is...silly business, at best. What doesn't work for us:


  • Client list connectivity bar is blank, even though connected status is "Now". Doesn't seem to apply to iOS devices oddly enough.
  • Drilling in to client details, information such as uptime and last user is correct.
  • No live tools function. PS list, command line, network stats, remote desktop, etc. Client performance charts are unavailable.
  • When trying to remote control, the error "timeout connecting to agent proxy" is displayed


I finally was able to get support to do more than just blame a random port from being closed. Usually, support is pretty good, but in this instance it is quite lacking. We are on node 155. My armchair analysis? Something on the node is configured wrong for our organization. Years back we had a problem where we had more SME agents installed than licenses available, and we had similar odd results to this.


Has anyone else experienced this issue? Remote control is one of the features we purchased SME for, and not having it is really impacting our business.

BHC Resorts IT Department
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