Remove device from MDM


Remove device from MDM

Hello all,

We have some computers that were replaced for employees, and when the old one was decommisioned/removed from our domain, the employee was allowed to keep the computer for personal use.


I've tried click on the device and removing it from the MDM a few times now and never actually removes the device. Is there a way to fully delete the device without removing the Meraki agent program?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I suspect if the agent is still on the computer it will simply re-add the computer.  You need to remove the agent.

Is there a way to do this if we no longer have access to the computer? The employee no longer works for us.

@cjwagner1  Removing the agent is something that needs to be done on the computer itself, it cannot be done remotely. 


I'm assuming you don't wipe hardware before you dispose of it? It might pay to reconsider this as it could lead to privacy breaches if any personal or confidential data is on those devices. 


These days most countries especially the EU have very stric laws around privacy and data breaches.

Got it.


I thought a wipe was completed (it should have been) but it looks like they just removed it from the domain. We'll adjust that going forward.

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