Port 993 Error in Meraki Log - Agent 3.1.0

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Port 993 Error in Meraki Log - Agent 3.1.0



Be aware if you are receiving a Port 993 error in Meraki SM logs it may be a result of enrolling your device under a different user then the primary user.  Example would be where you login as administrator on a new machine and perform system enrollment for a non-existent profile on the machine.  Once enrollment is complete, it appears to be associated with the admin user, if you create a separate profile (domain profile) after enrollment, it will result in the log file showing a Port 993 error in the SM Log. 


Fix is to uninstall Meraki Agent (Do Not Repair, you'll have other issues) and unenroll the device as the user.  Enroll the device as the primary user and install agent as the primary user to avoid any issues. 

Here is the exact info I see in the log, after switching user and logging in as the enrolled user (admin) Meraki began pushing applications and responding correctly.


I hope this helps everyone out with troubleshooting issues.


Example of errors in Meraki Log


2021-06-21 11:17:41.227330 [5572]: service_main: G::lobal()->config.tun_hosts has changed: (.meraki.com:993) (re)starting tun_clients
2021-06-21 11:17:41.243035 [1620]: TunClient::main() [.meraki.com:993], starting up...
2021-06-21 11:17:41.602753 [1620]: TunClient::handle_request [.meraki.com]: request
2021-06-21 11:17:41.702953 [1620]: TunClient::handle_request [.meraki.com]: request
2021-06-21 11:17:42.758159 [1620]: TunClient::read_request() [.meraki.com:993], unexpected SSL error 6 after SSL_read() returned 0
2021-06-21 11:19:45.951872 [5572]: ClientManager::check_client_pulse(): client .meraki.com:993 timed out; restarting

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