No "Allow access to camera" prompt when restrictions applied

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No "Allow access to camera" prompt when restrictions applied

Hi all


I have some AR apps that require camera access, however when I have applied restrictions for users, the app does not prompt the user to allow access to the camera. Instead they get a blank screen telling them they have to go to Settings > Privacy > Camera > (app name) and allow it from there.


Screenshot 2020-02-25 at 16.18.14.png


The issue is, because the prompt never appears initially during the app, the setting does not show up at all in settings, either via the suggested route or via the direct settings for the app (under ios settings).


Like this, because it never requests access, so it never appears here.

Screenshot 2020-02-25 at 16.27.13.png

It should look like this

Screenshot 2020-02-25 at 16.21.12.png


Once I removed all restrictions, I was then prompted to allow access to the camera (via the app). Because I was prompted, it then appeared in the privacy list like the screenshot above.


Strangely, in both screenshots you can see that PuppetPals HD has prompted for camera access even with restrictions on, so why one app can and another can't access the same prompt....


Is there a specific restriction causing the prompt not to appear? Any ideas?


This is affecting the following apps that I have deployed using VPP device assigned and licensed.


Does Not Prompt with Restrictions - Archaeology

Does Not Prompt with Restrictions - Ancient Egypt ActiveLens

Does Not Prompt with Restrictions - LGFL WW1 ActiveLens

Does Not Prompt with Restrictions - Maya ActiveLens

Does Prompt with Restrictions - Romans ActiveLens

Does Prompt with Restrictions - Significant People and Events


Thank you.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Have you applied a camera restriction?

Thanks Philip, no restrictions for the camera at all, the apps list in the OP shows that some work, some don't with normal student restrictions on. If I remove the restrictions tag and wait for settings to change, the app then prompts for permissions.


I have noticed, the two apps that do work ask for permissions as the app loads, the ones that don't work ask for permissions (with restrictions off) once you click the camera option (within the app).

New here

Did anyone figure this out?  I have four iPads with the same issue.  

@K28isGR8  This behaviour doesn;t seem normal to me, if camera use isn;t restricted SM shouldn't get in the way of the OS displaying privacy prompts. I would open a support case.

Having the same issue on 6th Generation ipods.  Removing all restrictions does not resolve the issue, nor does removing the meraki profile.  Only erasing the device completely, then installing the app via the app store, allows the app to bring up the camara prompt which, once accepted, then allows the app to work properly.   As soon as meraki is installed, stops working.  


Any solutions that allow us to continue to use Meraki would be great.



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