Meraki Management certificat expired

Getting noticed

Meraki Management certificat expired



I just open an old iphone 5S that was enroll last year and was left in the drawer.


I then update the Meraki app to the latest version and sync it with the current settings and profile we have setup for this kind of device.


When I go in Settings> General> Profiles> and choose MDM Meraki management >More details >Sign Certificates


I see that the * certificate expired Sept 16-2016... 


Why ? and how to fix it ? I'm only assuming that this certificate was installed at the same time the device was enroll, so all of my device should have that problem, since all device are out of the office.





Comes here often

Hey once you have updated your cert in the dashboard you will need to re-enroll any devices that have the expired certificate
Kind of a big deal

Do a manual re-enroll over the old profile via

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Getting noticed

know it's an old message, but I notice that some device that was off on the shelf for quite some time have expired certificate, is it always the same thing, I have to re-enroll the device ?


Kinda of weird to do this on all devices ?

Solution to this is available from the Devices page


Select the device(s) where you want to refresh the management profile.


Click Command


Then refresh Management profile


Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 11.31.27.png

No wonder why I didn't find it... it's not showing up on my dashboard possible actions.





Open a case with support to get it enabled.

I can't, I'm one of the lucky one with a legacy free account, can't open service ticket !

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