Managed ID & Apple ID


Managed ID & Apple ID

Hi All,

Here is what I have done:

1. I have a Apple Business Manager account

2. 4 devices enrolled in DEP through an authorized reseller.

3. Network created and devices added to MDM

4. Managed ID's created

5. Apple VPP account linked

6. Setting created for Shared devices

7. iPad's turned on and setup for each user. Users can log into any of the 4 devices with their credentials


What is happening:

1. Meraki SM DEP shows device is active, enrolled in DEP, supervised, monitored, checking in etc.


What is not happening: 

1. Once logged into the iPad's, I go to settings, it does state in the upper left corner "This iPad is supervised and managed by X". However, under General the Device Management button to indicate Meraki Systems Manager is installed is not there.

2. In SM, i select DEP then select an iPad. Scroll to "Profiles" and see Meraki System Manager is installed. However the app is not present on the home screens

Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 9.01.19 PM.png

3. No apps are being pushed as per pic below

Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 9.10.04 PM.png


1. Can i have each staff member log into their individual profiles and receive apps, pushed by me without them having to put in personal icloud/Apple ID's? (Currently, the Apple ID being displayed on their account is the managed ID)

2. If I can not push apps to each individual user without them inserting their personal apple ID, can i create a apple ID (like a kids profile, with permissions coming from the parent) and put that apple ID on each device so apps will pull down?


Thanks for your help!!


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Getting noticed

Rather than answering the question, I think DEP is set up well but the setting using VPP is wrong.


1. Did you purchase Systems Manager apps and other apps from ABM and assign them to Meraki MDM?
2. Can you see the apps you bought from ABM synced to 'Systems Manager -> VPP'?
3. When adding an app on the 'Systems Manager -> Apps', did you set the puchase method as 'vpp device assignment'?

If you set it up normally as above, you will not be required to itunes account when you push the app on device afterwards.
Of course, users can log in using their personal itunes account, purchase and install the app.

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