Manage all devices in all networks at once

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Manage all devices in all networks at once

Hi, I currently use Meraki as an MDM for a school board that has around 60 schools.


In Meraki, all of our 60 schools have their own network. 


I would like to know if it's possible to manage all my devices in all of my networks at once.


For example I would like to use the "install available OS update" button for all of my devices.



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Is that an available endpoint in the dashboard API for SM? I didn't see it, but I miss things...


If it is, then you could:


1. GET list of all organizations you have admin for

2. Filter the result to only the schools you want to touch

3. Find the SM network for each school.

4. Iterate through the SM networks and push the OS update.


For the most part, if you want to manage a bunch of discrete networks all at once, you're going to be using the dashboard API.

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following because i'm also interested by this

@NicolasGoulet  does each schol have their own Meraki Organisation or does the school board have a single organisation with each school being on a network within that organisation?

@BlakeRichardson It's a single organisation with each school being a network within the organisation.

@NicolasGoulet You can only manage one network at a time.


The other option would be to have all devices in a single network and use tagging to seperate them all but depending on the amount of devices there are that could become very messy.
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