MDM - Deleted Device, how do I reconnect?

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MDM - Deleted Device, how do I reconnect?

I deleted a mobile device from Meraki dashboard before removing SM from the device and now I cannot sync the device to my Meraki server.  The device is still enrolled to my network, but Last Sync says "Not enrolled on the server".  The device was Meraki Managed and now I cannot factory reset from the device.

Question: How do I resync the device with my server? Again, it is enrolled in SM, but it does not appear on my dashboard.


*I have attempted to re-enroll with no joy.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@FBettencourt  You will need to physically connect the device to a computer and use Apple configurator to erase the device. 

Sorry, maybe the tag wasn't visible, but this is an Android (Samsung Galaxy S10e).

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