Laptops keep showing up as managed devices

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Laptops keep showing up as managed devices

We have removed the agent off these laptops and disconnected the wireless network that they connect to get the Meraki license, and they keep showing up.


We have removed the agent with the Program files, and used the command prompt instructions with no change in results.


Is there something we are missing to make sure they don't keep taking a license.


Thank you in advance

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Remove them from the Dashboard.

Devices are not automatically removed from the deshboard even if you uninstall the client or factory reset them. 

Blake, thank you. We understand that, we have removed the agents, removed from the device list in Meraki and at the next refresh they show back up.

@Michael-Sangre  Ok, what version of Windows are the devices running? I can do some tests at my end to see if I can reproduce the fault. 



Hi Blake


All the systems we have an issue with are Windows 7 Pro. 


Eventually we will replace all of those but this has been an annoyance for a while.

PhilipDAth, thank you, we are removing the devices.  Next refresh they show right back up.

Kind of a big deal

Are the devices joined to Meraki using just the agent or also the MDM tie-in (if it is even in Windows 7 -- I know it is in Windows 10)? If so, I believe if you remove the MDM connection, run the agent uninstall script, then delete the device from Meraki (in that order), it removes it.

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Thanks, we will do this!

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