Indicators for WLAN and battery state in kiosk mode

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Indicators for WLAN and battery state in kiosk mode

we use meraki sm on two samsung galaxy tablets and provide two apps via kiosk mode to the users. but if the devices are in kiosk mode there seems to be no chance to check battery level and wireless connectivity without unlocking the device from kiosk mode.

any suggestions?

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If the device is in MDM you can see wifi state and battery level.


Battery Level and wifi state are less interesting for MDM admins using the dashboard every 10 weeks. But the information would be very useful to the production workers using the tablet and not having access to MDM. So the production workers should be able to see battery level and wifi state directly on the device.

That's an issue for the designer of the AP I think.


I'm afraid Meraki has no control over this.

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I'd suggested this exact same thing through the 'Make A Wish' feature in SM, we want to limit access to certain applications and present it through the Meraki SM Kiosk but it (and other apps) hide the top status bar. Often they'll have their tablet simply shut off because they were unaware of the battery level. Or an application fails to work because it lost network connectivity.

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I have the Same Problem. I just found out that if you are using KNOX and control KioskMode true it you can control Baterie Status:


Bildschirmfoto 2019-07-31 um 14.56.40.png


I dont know if this help you but if i find more I will post it.


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Perfect thank you !

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