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So i just updated my Ipad to IOS 12 , now it appears the Restrictions are gone under General settings , We depend on this alot because of the Location Service can be configured to Don't allow Changes which prevents the anyone changing the SM Meraki app to not allow Location tracking 

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well it's under screen time now.

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well it's under screen time now.

Wow , that was a ordeal to get through to those settings ,, Good job apple 😕

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Just tried adding some IOS 12 iPads to Meraki, and now half the profile settings won't pull down to them.


App restrictions are being ignored, a basic profile that just contains a Privacy profile for location/SSID tracking is showing as invalid, 'don't allow restrictions' doesn't work as its now under Screen Time so students can go crazy and setup screen time and apply a passcode to it if they want. It's a mess.


Just as I get Meraki working as I want, along comes an IOS update and breaks everything!


Hopefully Meraki gets an update to work with IOS 12 again soon.

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I want the ability to manage these settings through Meraki too:


Turn on “Set Automatically” in Date and Time settings

Set Automatically is turned on and users can’t turn it off.


Allow password AutoFill

Users can’t use AutoFill Passwords, and no prompt is shown to pick a saved password from iCloud Keychain.


Allow proximity AutoFill

User’s devices won’t advertise themselves to nearby devices for passwords by use of Proximity AutoFill. In iOS this feature restricts only Wi-Fi Password requests.


Allow users to share passwords over AirDrop.

Users can’t share their passwords over AirDrop.


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I want exactly the same +1
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IF you had Restrictions lock set in place the good thing is the password remains Valid,, bad part is if you had Location set to Do not allow changes its Resets.  

You would think Apple being as smart as they are , Serials should be recognized as DEP  so these kind of bugs don't happen 

Can anyone confirm if updating iPads to iOS 12 continues to break Restrictions settings?
I haven't tested this myself, but in a school setting having robust restrictions in place is essential.

Yes i can confirm that  if you previously had it in restrictions ( now screen time )  to Don't allow changes to location , it can revert back to Allow after grading to 12 

Mike, I'm assuming you mean the restriction applied on the device rather than pushed through a profile via Meraki (as there is no "don't allow changes to location" option in iOS restrictions via Meraki, I think?).

However we have found that unticking "Allow modifying Find My Friends settings" in Meraki has the same effect - it greys out the Location switch to prevent changes. Does this also get broken if the device is updated to iOS 12?

As of right now on IOS 12  i have screen time enabled and pw protected .  Content & Privacy Restriction turn on > Location Services Dont allow 


from there if i go back to main settings on left, scroll down to Meraki MDM . LOCATION is grayed out and can not be changed 




@misterharrison there is not a option in Meraki settings Fyo

@MikeMandalorian Did you try the suggestion in that thread of un-ticking "allow modifying Find My Friends settings" in the Restrictions payload?

Greys out the Location Services switch so they can't turn it off. Works a treat!

That has always been Unchecked .   what IOS 12 does is defaults to "allow changes" under location services what is now Screen time it was Restrictions 

Now I understand you, I think!


You are referring to the Restrictions settings on each device (not via MDM) and setting the Location Services in there to "don't allow changes", so that end-users can't change the per-app settings for Location Services, right?


The "Find My Friends" MDM restriction only greys out the overall Location Services switch, but the end user can still go in and change the per-app settings.


In iOS 11 did that restriction default to "don't allow", then?

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