Get a security Alert when a Mac is running out of disk space


Get a security Alert when a Mac is running out of disk space

We have lab full of apple mac mini's managed using meraki system manager. Currently there is an issue that the hard drives are getting filled up with students user home drives. This means the Mac then reboots in recovery mode and it is a real pain to then clean up some space using terminal 


Is there a way that meraki can monitor this and then send a message/alert when the space goes below 5% via webhooks to our call login system to alert a technician to remove older profiles and free up hard drive space on the macs ?


alternatively is there a script that could be run from meraki to delete users home folders after a specific date etc.



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

hi @Colin31 


Just taking a look through the Meraki API documentation - would the below help:


getNetworkSmDevices with the additional Query of - availableDeviceCapacity




Additional fields that will be displayed for each device.
The default fields are: id, name, tags, ssid, wifiMac, osName, systemModel, uuid, and serialNumber. The additional fields are: ip,
systemType, availableDeviceCapacity, kioskAppName, biosVersion, lastConnected, missingAppsCount, userSuppliedAddress, location, lastUser,
ownerEmail, ownerUsername, osBuild, publicIp, phoneNumber, diskInfoJson, deviceCapacity, isManaged, hadMdm, isSupervised, meid, imei, iccid,
simCarrierNetwork, cellularDataUsed, isHotspotEnabled, createdAt, batteryEstCharge, quarantined, avName, avRunning, asName, fwName,
isRooted, loginRequired, screenLockEnabled, screenLockDelay, autoLoginDisabled, autoTags, hasMdm, hasDesktopAgent, diskEncryptionEnabled,
hardwareEncryptionCaps, passCodeLock, usesHardwareKeystore, androidSecurityPatchVersion, and url.


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