Free Systems Mansger licenses again?

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Free Systems Mansger licenses again?

I remember the good old times when Meraki gave 100 free SM licenses to everyone. I do understand it’s not good business, but I also understand that they were a great way to sell the product to bigger organizations. When you aleeady had 100 devices connected, it was very unlikely to not buy the paid licenses when the need for the 101st license rose.


Anyway back to the point: I believe a free trial doesn’t work for SM licenses. I would prefer to have 10 free licenses for 1-3 years than 100 licenses for 2 weeks. I believe this would be a more effective way to commit future customers in the SMB market.


Anyone with me?

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Thanks! Seems like the link doesn't work anymore. Is this still valid?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@harrys  The free licenses come from a time where Meraki wasn't owned by Cisco im pretty sure. The free licenses also have limitations. 

Building a reputation

I agree, for SME the free licenses enabled an easy path to upsell existing technologies like wireless, routers etc.

Building a reputation

I guess i really lucked out at my old job. I signed up very early; when I left we had over 400 PCs and about 150 phones running the free MDM. Company always saw IT as a cost and would not pay for important things.

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