Error - remote management cancelled


Error - remote management cancelled

We have been having good luck with basic iPhone management over the past year but the past week we have been unable to enroll devices using the Apple configurator. When setting up an iPhone the device acts like all is good until it try to register for the Remote Management. The configuration for your iPhone could not be downloaded from "company" cancelled.

No matter what we try the same error is presented.

If I manually setup the iPhone install meraki and register the device all works as it should.

Main issue is we can not setup the device as managed with the Apple Configurator.


Any one know how to fix this?


Guidance would be great!

Thank you!

Here to help

It sounds like your configuration profile might be misconfigured or something else might be broken before getting to that point. If you've changed any part of your enrollment process in the last week, a new configuration profile would need to be created to reflect that. Changing MDM servers, expired certificates, and network/user authentication changes are some things that come to mind.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Please ensure that you also, as part of your provisioning process, you install a WiFi MobileConfig. For reasons that confound me, the device seems to forget any previous wifi network that you've chosen


We had to reset everything on the apple configurator then the devices completed enrollment.


Thanks all for the help!

Awesome thanks for sharing what you did to fix the problem @flipj5. My suggestion was going to be check to make sure you have enough SM licenses. 

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