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Education Profile macOS Mojave

Hello guys, 


I'm trying to set up the classroom app on a MacBook running macOS Mojave, looks like there's no education profile that supports macOS, only iOS.


Can you guys shed some light over this?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@michaelfowl Can you please explain a bit more about the "classroom app" and I'll try and help you.

Classroom app is an application initially released for the iPads giving power to teachers to control shared iPads in the class. What you have to do on the MDM’s side is to setup an education profile with classes, students and teachers.


with the OS X, Apple released the same app to the mac. Here’s the problem, this education profile is only for iOS making it impossible for me to control the ipads with my mac.

Yeah I'm troubleshooting this with support right now. I've got a MacBook getting the following message when I try to setup Apple Classroom on the MacBook.


Nov 02 09:17Update profile 'Apple School Manager - Classroom'Nov 02 09:17


Code: 0
Domain: ClassroomMCXService.installError


Error: Installing EDU profiles using the device channel is unsupported.
I spoke with Apple Support and they said that MacBooks should work the same as iPads and the Education profile should be able to be pushed through Meraki to the MacBook.
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Hi there. I am wondering if you ever got a resolution to this. I am working on it now and can't get it to work.



No man, I’m sorry.



Could you configure the profile in Mac OS?


Support Meraki team said me


"Unfortunately the distribution of Apple's education profile for Mac OS is not available in Meraki.

There is no estimated time for this skill to be developed in Meraki. I put below the "feature request" for your order to reach the developers."



I just see that education configuration is not supported for Mac OS


Captura de pantalla 2019-06-11 a las 17.53.18.png


I have been back and forth with Meraki on this. Originally, Meraki told me they added the feature (see below). After banging my head against the wall for days, I could not get it to work. I opened a ticket and Meraki told me the feature was not yet supported and still under development. That was in November. It has been 7 months and it is still not supported. 





From: Systems Manager <>
Date: Tuesday, October 30, 2018 at 9:11 AM
Subject: Re: A wish to Meraki from Bill Bates


Hi Bill,


Just wanted to let you know that in part thanks to your request, we have now made the Education payload available for macOS devices on the Settings page.


One "gotcha" with this payload on macOS is that it needs to be sent over the user channel, so you will need to have separate profiles for iOS and macOS, with the macOS one being of type User profile (Apple).



On Fri, Oct 26, 2018 at 2:11 PM Meraki <> wrote:

wish: Apple has released the Classroom app for macOS. Currently, in Meraki Systems Manager, the Education payload is only configurable with iOS. Please add the Education payload to macOS so we can use Apple Classroom on our teacher's laptops.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hello @wtbates,


Apologies for any confusions on this feature.


Education Profile for MacOS is definitely still an open feature request at this time (as of time of this post).


Once this feature is implemented, it will be fully supported and you will see the payload under System Manager > Manage > Settings for MacOS!





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Hello @AlexC ,


I'm getting a-lot of pressure to get this working on OS X from one of our schools. Is there a possibility of getting early access to this feature or some kind of work around in the interim?


Many thanks,


@joshbennettjtb Please check with your account manager if they can make any such adjustment. They should be able to guide in the right direction.




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Hello AlexC


Do you have any forecast for when it will be implemented?

Education Profile for MacOS is a requirement for Schoolsç






It has been two years since Apple released this. I have not seen anything regarding its implementation in Meraki. Has anyone got it working? 



The Education payload should now be available for macOS.  Please note that this payload must be configured as part of a user profile in order to work properly on macOS devices.




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