Dual Mesenger in Device Owner Mode

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Dual Mesenger in Device Owner Mode

Hello all,


Is it possible to use dual messenger, like dual WhatsApp on devices enrolled as device owner mode? Seems that when I try to enable the second instance of WhatsApp, I get the message that the security policy restricts this option.


However, the security policy on this device is very relaxed.  I don't see which option could restrict this as I only have a few high level restrictions in place like prevent ABD access and installation from unknown sources.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If this WhatsApp feature relies on using the Android BYOD mode for the second instance - then this wont work if a device is in Device Owner mode.  The Android device can only be in one of these two modes at a time.

Yes, indeed. Also got confirmation from a senior Meraki engineer. The ability to have two ”instances” of the same application on Android is not available in Device Owner mode.

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