push vpn settings to windows 10

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push vpn settings to windows 10

I am curious to see if anyone out there is successfully pushing meraki MX vpn client settings to windows 10 with the systems manager client?

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If you are looking for about client VPN with Windows 10, you can check this documentation.




Renato Guerino

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Our Sysadmin Team  has successfully "pushed" to Windows 7 and Windows 10 workstations using PDQ Deploy. They deployed to several hundred devices and it appears to work correctly. We now have qty 4 at the Meraki MX450 deployed now...two per data center and everything seems to be working correctly...a couple of failed devices but I would say about 99% successful and then issues are workstation based. We also pushed the service changes as well as the registry changes...creating the new D-Word entry as well.

Comes here often

We have several computers that will occasionally lose some of the security settings required for the vpn connection. I believe this may happen when windows updates are installed, but it could just be at random times as well. I would like to use the systems manager client that we invested in to push or verify these settings when the client checks in to the dashboard. 

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