Documentation Request: Systems Manager > Device Naming (FYI All)

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Documentation Request: Systems Manager > Device Naming (FYI All)

Just an FYI for all -

In short:

 - The dashboard name is given precedence to the physical device name
 - At enrolment and every 24 Hours the name will be pulled from the device to update the dashboard name, unless during enrolment the dashboard name has been changed.

More Details:

Performing 'Refresh Device Details' is the only time the dashboard will update to reflect if the device name has been changed.

When a device first appears, in the first 24 hours the system will perform a 'Refresh Device Details' which will update the dashboard with the physical name of the device. If you change the dashboard name before this occurs, the name on the device will be updated to the name from the dashboard.


The order of precedence of the device name vs the dashboard name is given to the dashboard name. So if the device is offline and both the dashboard and device name change, the dashboard name will update the device to its name. And the device name will move in to the dashboard name history.


Every 24 hours the 'Refresh Device Details' is carried out, so if name changes on the device but not the dashboard it will update the dashboard name during this time.

Thank you,
Peter James

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for the info, @PeterJames. I've sent this to our documentation team, and I'll update here if & when there's an update to the docs! 

Caroline S | Community Manager, Cisco Meraki
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