CardDav with Google account, MDM Profile

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CardDav with Google account, MDM Profile



I've beeing using a shared Google account for the past 2 years. In that account, I put all the contacts names that we share at the office. On our Exchange server, we have a share folder with contact.

Using CalDav Synchronizer I sync one way that folder with a Google account.


I created a mobileconfig file with Apple Configurator (with user/psw) and created settings profile and loaded that mobileconfig file.

I push that to my iOS devices (used to work like a charm!)


Yesterday, I needed to restore a device and assign it to a new user. It ask for the CardDav psw and generated a Security Alert on Google, even if I accept this activity as my own, It won't work on the device, contacts are no longer available on the devices.


ALL of the others users also lost those contacts... can you image the problem today, none of the employees can see any internal, suppliers, customers contacts...


I know I can't use the Google Account settings as it won't push the psw and I can't give away the psw to users, for obvious security reason !!


2 step verification is OFF

each time I accept the suspicious activity, but it keep poping each time I reinstall the profile settings. I have to reinstall it each time, because once I click Cancel on the psw dialog on the device, it won't retry. And only once I press cancel that I receive the suspicious notification, So allowing it prior is not an option.


1- Why did it work for the past 2 years and stop ?

2- Any idea who to get it back ?

3- Any other cost free solution ?



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