Device Locked in Single App Mode and Lost Connectivity

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Device Locked in Single App Mode and Lost Connectivity

We currently have iPads that go out to various locations throughout the states and are pre-configured via Apple Configurator and with profiles for a network specific to that location and a separate network utilized for hotspot troubleshooting.  Once at a location, we have to lock down the device in Single App Mode. 
Though, when the location changes their WiFi password without informing me first, and the device loses communication with Meraki - the device is stuck on a "white screen" until I can get it back on one of the WiFi profiles built it. 

Is there a workaround available that I am missing so that we can unlock the devices or allow for network changes without communication to Meraki?

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

On iOS, no.


HOWEVER: iPads do support ethernet so there's a possibility you could plug in a USB-C to Ethernet adapter to get them back online without a reset


For the future, I always suggest that you provision the devices with TWO SSIDs, one of them being a guest SSID. The iPads will naturally default to the most secure security on an SSID, but, if that's not available, should then join the Guest WiFi, allowing for continued connectivity.


Hope that helps

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