Cannot use wildcard(*) when using Web Content Filtering in Systems Manager


Cannot use wildcard(*) when using Web Content Filtering in Systems Manager



I have a website that dynamically adds the word "app" and a random number as it's subdomain and it seems to change daily. I have whitelisted and but it will always dynamically change. 


Here are some examples of what it may look like on any given day:


I can go in and add this specific URL to whitelisting, and it works, but is there a wildcard feature I can use for the subdomain? I have attempted to add * as a whitelist entry but that does not seem to work.


Any ideas? Anyone else run into this issue? 


Thank you in advance, 

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee



So, I've had a read through Apple's documentation a few times


The system matches URLs using string-based root matching. A URL matches an allow list, deny list, or permitted list pattern if the exact characters of the pattern appear as the root of the URL. For example, if the system doesn’t allow, it also blocks,, and Matching also discards subdomain prefixes, so if the system doesn’t allow, it also blocks


So, if this works as expected, you should be able to add just and you should be good


Let us know how you get on.


Hi Paul,


Thank you for the very helpful info! I double checked the filter and while I thought that I had just whitelisted, I actually had * instead and then all off the app(number) urls for 


This config is actually for a client of ours so we won't be able to test it until they book with us again, but thank you again for the helpful tip! 

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