Can you uninstall or Hide Apps on MacOS Big Sur

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Can you uninstall or Hide Apps on MacOS Big Sur

Does anyone know if it is possible to hide the stock apps that are installed on MacOS like you can on IOS devices?  We have a need to hide the apps that are not being used so that users can't use them.  We have several MacBook Pro's that are for training and do not want the users to be able to launch certain apps.

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You cannot hide App Store apps, but you can.


Restrict app installations to admin users
Restrict app installations to software updates only
Disable App Adoption by users
Disable software update notifications
You can also disable System Preferences apps.

@Lkirby No you cannot hide apps in MacOS. The finder is very different than the homescreen. Thats not to say Apple won't go down this path in the future as MacOS and the way its implmented now with a seperate data volume is very similar to iOS.



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