Can System Manager give different access depending on the user logged in?

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Can System Manager give different access depending on the user logged in?

Lets take a laptop or an ipad that is a shared device. QUestion is can System Manager change the policies and blocked features (camera access for examp[le) based on the logged in user or AD, rhater than being tied to the device itself?

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No.  There is only one option for access level for the organization as a whole (None / Read-Only / Full) and s secondary option on a per-network basis (None / Full / Read-Only / Monitor-Only).

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@BYoungIM You could implement settings using Geofencing or user based profiles. If they are students you can use Apple Classroom. 

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Meraki Employee

Yes, this is indeed possible.


1. Create a new Setting and ensure that this is a USER profile

Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 10.53.18.png

 2. Add a restriction that, say, disables the camera

3. Under Targets, change this to point to a user tag (Say an AD one, or in the case below, an ASM Class of students)

Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 10.54.46.png

Your camera, after a few minutes, should now be disabled

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@BYoungIM this is 100% correct. I'd like to add that you will need to create the user/group tag first then assign it to your preferred user/group. Without the tag being assigned to anybody, nobody will get the settings.

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