Best file sharing process

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Best file sharing process

I've tried using the Backpack module but it works maybe half the time if that.  The files show up and sometimes it will download them and allow you to view them, other times....nothing.  So what is the best app or procedure you all have found for this?  Our service already uses a OneDrive share with a QR code posted around the stations but when I scan one of them it wants me to log onto Microsoft OneDrive.  It can be done I guess but we have like 40 devices so going to each one of them and manually logging them on will be very time consuming.


On a side note what is the best way to figure out the "Managed App Settings Payload" keys and types for each app?  Is there a database for this or will it require me to contact every app developer individually.

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I can answer your second question:


Both Android and iOS supports Managed App Config, but there's one difference: Android, when configuring Managed App config, integrates the Google Play Store for the supported settings for that application, which is great. iOS, sadly, does not, resulting in the workload being on the user to find the settings somewhere out there on the internet. As each application is different, there's no centralized database, sadly.

Any idea where I can find the OneDrive keys and values?  I can find the ones for Outlook pretty easy but I've been searching through any documentation for OneDrive that I can without any luck.

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