Apple Classroom for Mac.

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Apple Classroom for Mac.

Is anyone using Apple Classroom for Mac with Meraki Systems Manager. I am trying to test it out with an already setup macbook. My specific question is do you have to go through DEP and original setup to enroll macbook, or can you use the Systems Manager Agent or to get the macbook into Meraki & install the education profile on the macbook? 



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I think you can do it without DEP following the instructions on this page:


2019-02-14 18_01_29-Mac Enrollment - Cisco Meraki.png


That said, keep in mind this note:

For school-owned iOS devices, it is highly recommended that administrators use Apple School Manager and Device Enrollment Program (DEP) whenever possible. These programs allow an administrator to enforce mandatory device supervision, customize device setup, and automate enrollment into Systems Manager in bulk. This means administrators can pre-configure devices online even before they arrive on site, and these devices will enroll in SM out of the box during the setup assistant, without having to first physically configure the devices.



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One caveat of using Apple Classroom for Mac is that you must deploy the profile on a per user basis rather than per device like with iPads. I experimented with this when Apple Classroom for Mac was first introduced and this ability was not well known but I believe Meraki has addressed this issue. I haven't tried getting it to deploy to a MacBook though.

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Yes, I have found the same issue, but haven't found a way to deploy the profile on a per user basis yet.

I am still unable to get the education profile onto the macbook even using DEP. The macbook gets the management profile from Meraki, but does not get the education profile. I have tried putting a tag on the owner so the education profile would go to the user and not the device but still have no luck. I get the following messages. 


Domain: ClassroomMCXService.installError

Error: Installing EDU profiles using the device channel is unsupported.


It is the education profile that the iPads receive. Any help would be appreciated. 

Could you elaborate more on this? How would one deploy a profile on a per user basis? 



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If you don't use DEP then you can't do a lot of things automatically - the user will get prompts and they will have to give permission.

@pimion wrote:
Does Meraki support the macOS Education Payload? Our students are using Macbooks running Mojave. Is there any tutorial how to set up Apple Classroom on the MDM managed devices or Education Configuration through a user profile?
Joseph Pimion


Hi Joseph,
If I'm not mistaken, macOS Education Payload is currently in development. Not sure about the release date. I used this guide by David Acland for our school setup (but we're using iPads):
Meraki, Apple Classroom and "Not-shared" shared iPads

Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Daniel, you are correct. We're actively working on the Education Payload feature for macOS. Should arrive in a month or two if all goes well. 

@Noah_Salzman   Hello,  we've been using the meraki dashboard/ manual install profile method to push profiles to ipads.  But, we are getting a mac lab.   I've got apple school manager started, but not all the way setup.    I'd like to go about adding these new computers the "right" way.    We don't use active directory for student, so we aren't connecting to AD at all.   I saw your previous reply  that you said:

We're actively working on the Education Payload feature for macOS. Should arrive in a month or two if all goes well. 


Should I wait for education payload?    I've been reading lots of documentation but I haven't seen anything about Education Payload.    I am at a small school, so, I don't have to think about 100s of devices.


Does anybody have any beginner tips for me?


Hi @Noah_Salzman , any update on when this will be arriving?

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

The Education payload should now be available for macOS.  Please note that this payload must be configured as part of a user profile in order to work properly on macOS devices.




Thanks for the update! Any chance you could help with this issue?




Can't seem to find any documentation regarding this, only for Shared iPad or 1-to-1 iPad.

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