Android Device Owner Mode can't scan Android version 11+ QR Code

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Android Device Owner Mode can't scan Android version 11+ QR Code

When attempting to setup an Android Samsung Galaxy S23 device using the Device Owner Mode option I can't get the phone to scan the Android version 11+ QR Code.

I have done this method with other Android devices were I first factory reset the phone, second tap the screen 6 times to scan the QR Code, and finally follow the rest of the setup to finalize.

For some reason with this phone I can't scan that particular QR code. It just doesn't do anything but if I attempt to scan the other QR codes for the Android Version 10 or the Work Profile options they can be seen and say that it isn't the right QR codes for that option.


Any idea on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If its not scanning the correct QR code but is working with the other I suspect it's any issue where you are going to need to contact support.


If you have access to an iPhone open the camera and hold it over the QR code, if it's scannable the iPhone will highlight to QR code with a box and the link to click. 

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