Allow modification of passcode settings - on or off?

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Allow modification of passcode settings - on or off?

Under Restrictions profile there is an "i" after the "Allow modification of passcode settings" option, which says that if you have a password policy set, then the setting has to be allowed. However, under, there is an informational box under the Passcode section, which says "If using this in conjunction with the 'Restrictions' payload for iOS, ensure that the 'Allow modification of passcode settings (iOS 9+)' option is not selected in restrictions."


My question is, whether I should allow the option or not, if we have a password policy set?

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

If you want the end users to still go ahead and modify the passcode setting on their devices, You can select this option "Allow modification of passcode settings".

Will turning this off interfere with iPads that use apple school manager logins?

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