Adding Trend Mico to MDM via managed app config

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Adding Trend Mico to MDM via managed app config



we are trying to push out Trend Micro antivirus to our phones, we would like to have it auto sign in so there would be no configuration on the users side. We see there is a managed app config in the MDM profile settings but does anyone know how to set this up? 

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I have not tried to zero-touch set up trend micro. But if it's anything like any other apps, it's usually an XML with information you push together with the app from the MDM system. I would probably start looking at trend micro to see if they have any managed configuration available. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I don't know the answer to Trend in particular.


This is the instructions for deploying an app. 


This is the instructions for pushing out managed app settings. 



I am deploying Trend Micro to PC and Mac clients by using the parameters from the Deployment Script.


Under Installation arguments I have:

IDENTIFIER="Your Trend Identifier here" /L*v+ "C:\Windows\Temp\wofie_msi.log



Dave Anderson
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