Activation Lock will not enable

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Activation Lock will not enable



We've received a new iPad Pro 11 (Gen 3), and we're trying to enable the Activation Lock. We have a management profile implemented on our iOS devices to allow the Activation Lock and MDM Activation Lock. The iPad is up to date and has been registered in Apple DEP and Meraki reports that it is DEP enrolled and in the supervised state; however, the options to control Activation Lock on the devices page are still grayed out.


Has anyone experienced this issue with any of the new iPads?

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hello @NurIT-db 


Is the device online and checking in? (You can check this information on the device page) and does the profile say it is installed on the device? Please refer to the following document to confirm if the activation lock has been enabled correctly.


If the issue still persists after checking those settings, I would suggest opening a case with Meraki support for further investigation.




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Kind of a big deal

@NurIT-db You might want to do a full reset on the iPad. It sounds like the complete DEP sync to Meraki may not have completed the first time as well. 


Can you send a screenshot of what you are seeing in the dashboard as well?


That would help us in assisting you.


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