Ability to bulk-edit owner info using API?

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Ability to bulk-edit owner info using API?

Hey all,

I've been looking through the documentation and I'm trying to sort out a way for my team to bulk-edit the owner info (e.g. change emails, add new owners, etc.) programmatically without using an AD/Azure AD/other ID provider.


I've found the API to get owner information out, wrote a script to perform the necessary updates to the JSON, but have no way I can find to upload that information back to Meraki. Any thoughts?

AD and the like are managed by another team currently, and are not in a stable enough position for us to use them as a source of truth, but any creative solutions ya'll can think of wouldn't be unwelcome.


Thanks in advance,


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Here to help



I don't have specific instructions for editing owner info, but maybe this can help.



If you are looking for a way to connect to the Meraki API, Postman is a free option.  Import the Meraki API and edit or create a JSON.  Click the three dots, select Run Collection, unselect all and select the one you want to run.


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