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District Council - Security and SD-WAN implementation

District Council - Security and SD-WAN implementation

Yesterday saw the final piece of the puzzle click into place where we migrated the customers final Watchguard over to a Meraki MX solution.


In total there were 18 MX’s deployed across their sites. Customer now has the full stack:


- MDM, MX, MS, MV, and MR


Plus Umbrella and AMP on their endpoints





That is a lot of work!

Nice one, I would love to deploy umbrella but its far to expensive for me to be able to justify. 

@BlakeRichardson: it's possibly cheaper than having a phenomal breach. 😉


@UCcert: Whoa, I guess you put a lot of work into that one!

The weekend was pretty intense but satisfying to see a full green dashboard 

@CptnCrnch  Have just finished pen testing with an external provider about 2 months ago, I can't justify the costs of Umbrellar when we already spend a large amount on security licensing.