Wi-Fi survey preparation

Wi-Fi survey preparation

Wifi standWifi stand

So this project is for a customer that our company now has an agreement with for technical support. A bit like a managed service provider.

On of the side projects is refreshing their infrastructure which includes the Wi-Fi!
The picture is my preparation of the separate AP and antenna mounts on the stick to do an AP on a stick survey.

The biggest challenges in this project are the fact that the customer does not have decent floorplans and the ones they do have were pdf based and had alot of extra fat black lines in all areas.  So I used my elite MS Paint skills to remove most of the unneeded clutter.

For this part of the survey I'm using both an MR46 for the office areas and a MR46E in combination with the downtilt omni for most of the warehouse parts and the wide patch antenna for a part of the warehouse with narrow aisles that are 25 meters (82feet) high!!

The modelling software is Ekahau pro and the measurements will be done with the sidekick.

Kind of a big deal

Oh I forgot one challenge!  These new Wi-Fi 6 AP's are so wide they don't fit inside the bracket anymore 🙂

Kind of a big deal

I can't quite recall now, but I think I used to use either SmartPlan or MagicPlan for doing the floor plans.  They let you draw a scale floor plan using just the camera on your smartphone.  When you get proficient you can do a floor plan in about 10 minutes.

It ended up being faster than trying to get something from the customer and was guaranteed to be up to date as of the day you were there.  You can also put any special points of notes on the floor plan as well.





Getting noticed

time to get it right and get a new bracket 🙂

Kind of a big deal

Haha, well the new MR57 is back to square so the bracket will still be useful 😉